Do you have a dream?

For a second there, I was ready to give up on this damn blog! Why, I can’t really say. I guess it’s cause I’m always doubting my capabilities. See, the thing is, I decided to stop giving up on myself. Some of you may have your life totally together. And like I said in another post, then maybe this isn’t for you. But if your anything like myself, then you can admit that, ”LIFE GETS FUCKING DIFFICULT!!!” Yes, I cursed, but it’s the truth. Now I also better warn you that I believe in God. I know, the cuss words above say something else. But hey, ‘I ain’t perfect!’

Bottom line is that I have GOALS THAT REACH FAR BEYOND THE BIG DIPPER. What about you? I pray, that each of you follow your heart, and achieve your every dream. Something deep burns in me. “This little of mine, I’m gonna let shine”. Each and every single one of us, has a light burning deep within our soul.

Now, has your light ever been blown out!? Some of us (humans) have been at the bottom and seen some ugly things. And I have to admit, I have had it good. Unfortunately there are a few folks out there, that have gone through some serious shit! And it amazes me when I meet people who still, get the hell up, in the midst of it all.

I don’t know your situation!? Maybe your light is as bright as a forest fire a flame, or it flickers like a candle ready to go out. All I can say is that I believe there is a light in all of us. I choose to call him God, others: Spirit, Soul, Devine, Jesus, Lord and Savior, Buddha, I don’t know. But, it doesn’t change the truth.

What is the truth? I’m still on that Journey. I’ll keep you posted. But in short, it’s that I believe 127% that God is the love in my heart. And with that love, came a purpose. Maybe you haven’t found it, and if not, then ask yourself why. If you have, then by all means, don’t you ever give up.

In end, sometimes life can be hard and I’m just trying to relate to those who agree. Especially, if you’re trying to make something for yourself. Whether its to have a family, obtain higher education, a career, or etc.; we can achieve our dreams! Let your light shine bright. Let it be your fuel. And yes, it may flutter from time to time. But just throw some gasoline on that shit and it will burn bright!

Love you guys!!!
Thank you


“What does it mean to believe in God? It means learning to honor your own inherent Godliness.” Iyanla, Vanzant

“Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.” Harold, Kieth D.

“Enthusiastically chasing dreams.” Harold, Kieth D.

“Remain open. There is something bigger than you know going on here.” Vanzant, Iyanla

“We are each a unique expression of the Divine Mind living to fulfill a divine mission and purpose.” Vanzant, Iyanla

“God believes I can do it.” Vanzant, Iyanla

A Lazy Bum

Today, is a new day. A day of promise. I may not be as enthused as I should be. But here I am. Looking the day in the face. Taking in its perspective potential. I have come to take this day by its balls and milk it for its every promise. It may sound derogatory, but to me it sounds triumphant. I want to yell at the top of my lungs, pronouncing that I am unstoppable, I am victorious. Why today, because today I stand up against the need or want to crawl back into bed and rot. Lame right. But if I were to do that, then what would I be. A lazy bum, walking away from responsibility, walking away from reaching my goals, walking away from what’s in my heart. So today, I choose to not be a lazy bum, but to follow my heart and make it the best day ever.

Entry 1:2

This blog is mostly about me finding myself as an artist. I have 182 days till the Spring semester starts at Academy Art and I feel that I have much to learn, do, and become before I step foot into a single class. I have always had a low self confidence in not just my art but myself. So I have been contemplating the idea of this blog for a while now. As lame as it may sound I have even shed a few tears.

See the thing is, I had hit a real rough patch a few years ago and let my self fall into a sixteen foot ditch. I felt as if my every dream was floating pass me on a white puffy cloud. A few years later I can gladly admit that I have reached a few of my accomplishments but I’m still not at the level I feel I need to be.

With that said, I need to not just grow as an artist, but as a human that is confident and faithful in my self and vision. From figuring out not just how to live on a budget but learning the discipline to stick to it, to developing a bag full of film, to finding confidence in myself, creating a product line, building a stronger relationship with God, getting back in touch with my art photography, and so much more.

Yes, it seems like a lot. But I have 182 days to make at least one of those things happen. As long as I try, as long as I post this damn blog, I feel that I am honestly able. So here’s to finding myself and becoming the artist I wish to be.

Entry 1:1

Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome, to my life. What makes mine anymore interesting then the next persons, I can’t really tell you. I am just me, Olisa Rachele. An artist, lover, believer, and a free spirited female with dreams that reach another universe. I have realized that my art is who I am. I would hope that people like it, or that it evokes passion in peoples minds and hearts. But if it doesn’t, it does in mine. And that’s all that matters. Once you start wondering what others think, the quality of who you are starts to diminish. My point is that this isn’t a perfect world, and I can only be myself. And if I say something that may offend you or my art isn’t good enough to you, then fine. But please understand that I don’t have time to care. I’m not trying to be rude but keep it real.

So why in the hell am I doing this. To learn, grow, and become the person God has set out for me to be. I’m always open to learning new things. I just don’t want this to be a negative thing. And if you can’t respect that than please leave now.

And one more thing… I want this to be empowering for all who wish to follow, understand, read, care, or just look at occasionally cause they’re bored. Life isn’t easy, I haven’t had it as bad as others, and for that I am truly grateful, but I understand that sometimes the tasks that are set before us can be very difficult to face. And I hope that my words, art, and what ever it is this may turn into, can empower the minds of the people around me and throughout the world. We shouldn’t be hatin on each other, but uplifting one another. And this is my beautifully odd way of trying…

But to get started…