Day 1

I can admit… TODAY didn’t start out that great. Last night I stayed up editing photos and around 11:27 I realized I better go to bed. I even moved my coffee table so that in the morning I could walk right in and work out. But before I even woke up I was having nightmares about getting up. In my dream I heard the alarm go off and when I looked at the clock it said 4:30. I knew there was no way in hell that I’d be able to get up. I laid there drained, saying, “noooooo.” That immediately jolted me awake and I was very relieved when the clock said it was 12 something.

But when the alarm clock really did ring… I jumped out of bed and ran to turn it off. That damn blaring sound in the morning is like nails on a chalkboard to me. And yet… I somehow made my way back to my bed. UGH! I have never been a morning person. This is going to be the hardest part of my 31days. Even when I was a kid I would make sure I turned the damn alarm off but then my dad would come barging in my room, “WAKE UP OLISA YOUR GOING TO MISS THE BUS!” Or if I had been able to get up, he would find me on the bathroom floor asleep. Can you turn a night owl into a morning person?

I already have about a 17 hour day… which leaves about 7 hours for sleep. I can’t continue to go to bed around 11 to midnight and then turn around and wake up at 5. I could go to bed earlier but I like working on my art at night (its not like i’m paying attention to time… i just get lost in it). Why go against the grain? Should I just except that I’m a night owl and leave working out to when I get off work? I figure I’ll give it one more damn try… with all my might! If it works and I’m not sleeping at my desk by 10, then I will most definitely shoot for another day. The whole point is that I work out, even if I have to do it when I get home from work.

*side note: it may seem silly or unimportant to debate when I should work out… “Just choose a damn time and do it.” But things are never that simple with me and once again my intention is to create a schedule that works with me so that I can continue to use it way past the 31 days. I’m trying to form life changing habits. This means I have to really examine myself and why I do things the way I do. My excuse in the past was that I didn’t have time to do so because of my full time job and school and everything else. NO MORE EXCUSES!

On another note… I won’t be able to pursue too many of my artistic endeavors today… I have to go sit at the laundry mat, go grocery shopping, and finish paying bills. At least I will have time to sketch and read while sitting at the laundry mat!