Day 2

The music flows through my speakers… beats of inspiration… in this beautifullyODD way… it’s the air I breathe. It’s 8:50… and I’m just now getting the motivation to get to work. Usually I’m pretty good at starting things. It’s the follow through that kills me.

My mom said she was proud of me, that she believed in me and that she can see all of my artistic dreams of wanting a business become possible. Truth be told… my mom and I have had a rough relationship. I know that she loves me dearly… but… What makes this rare occasion different is that she sees me as a woman… she sees me as me. I can’t explain any further why her approval is important to me it’s too deep. gettin teary eyed 🙂 But to know that she believes in my artistic endeavors means the world to me… cause I know that my grandmother would also be proud.

Moving along… the clock went off and I seriously contemplated throwing it against the wall. I’m a night owl! I accept it, I love it. And I seriously don’t think a $60 tocky is going to solve my issue.

Next… when I came home I didn’t work out… ( i know, at least I’m telling the truth) I WILL TOMORROW, i have too. I came home… laid down for a second. Called my mom… and slowly procrastinated doing the things I needed to finish. When I finally realized my evening was being wasted away because I hate facing my responsibilities I gave myself a little pep talk… stood up, turned off the TV and here I am.

These first two days have not turned out like I had hoped. BUT PLEASE BELIEVE… I’m not giving up. I can proudly say that bills are paid; laundry put away (thats a first), and I can smile.