Day 10 part II Becoming a woman….

I really hope that you all believe that change is possible. The thing about it is that I feel that I am becoming a Woman. In my culture, claiming to be a woman, is a right that you have to earn.

Becoming a woman takes more than just simply going to work or school. Everybody if capable should be willing to further themselves in order to achieve their life’s purpose. Nor is it about opening your legs. Being a woman is about being respectable, responsible, caring, strong, courageous, loving, encouraging, positive, wise, more than capable, and more than I have still yet to learn or can list. (feel free to add) And just to be clear: having kids does not automatically make you a woman, its just another form of making one out of you if willing.

It’s more than a number. There are woman, who at a young age, have been forced to mature quickly and by doing so they reach their womanhood quicker than others. Then theirs the young-ins who think they know it all. I was one of ’em.

Being a woman is your grandmother or nana or any woman in the family that takes care of everyone. Not saying that you have to but they are the woman in your life that will always encourage you when your down. They give you a guiding hand and encourage you by telling you things like, “you can do anything you put your mind to”. You may not always like the advice… I know I didn’t. But 99.9%of the time… they were right.

Becoming a woman is not a birth right. It’s a choice, and if willing, you can be molded into one through your trials and tribulations, through your willingness, and through God.

Claiming to be a woman is like signing up for a major league base ball team or entering the ring and fighting till death for all that you stand for. It’s a spirit, an essence, a must.

I am becoming a Woman. To all the women in my life… much love.

Olisa Rachele

side notes:
This touched me the other day: So often in our lives, Satan thinks he is doing some terrible thing to bring about our destruction, and yet God has another plan entirely (see Genesis 50:20). He intends to take what Satan means for our harm and work it out not only for our good, but for the good of the many to whom we will minister. (be ambitious and follow your dreams) *oli

Never could have made it to where I am with out you. Thank You God. ❤