Day 11


This here: my blog, my art, my words, my dreams is who I am. This is no longer a questionable “idea”. This is a must. I don’t know if I make since half the time… I don’t know if any of this is encouraging in any way… But I hope that one day I can find the way to encourage many.

“This” is me. An extension of who I am. It’s me in the raw as I like to say. It’s not just a dream… it’s a mandatory conquest.

*for those of you who are enduring the same struggles…
1. love thy self
2. believe in yourself
3. fight for your dreams
4. don’t doubt yourself
5. keep it movin
6. “just do it”

I’m still workin on all of them. The people around me have all encouraged me in some form or another and I thank you all.

we can