Day 12

Today was peaceful. The cool morning air rushed against my face as I drove to my mothers. The air was crisp and fresh. The sun was fighting against the clouds… leaving traces of beautiful lighting on the side of the road.

I had to baby-sit today but I did clean out my car. I love spring and the idea of spring cleaning. I had accumulated many years worth of garbage, junk and clothes in my trunk and finally today, I cleaned it out. My car is now spotless but what struck me was the business text books I left back there five years ago.

When I first started college I was enrolled in business classes. I hated it. It seems quite contradictory to say I hate business when in the end I want to own one. But the real problem was that I missed my art. I was never into school to begin with and I missed my creative outlet. Hanging with friends and my horrid relationship were not enough for me. But I left the text books in the trunk. For a long time I had no place to put them… I knew that one day they would come in hand… and today was that day. When I picked them up, I realized that everything I need to know, is right here in my hand. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what it is. They had been buried beneath a pick nick blanket, clothes, shoes, trash, and if I told you the rest you would be disgusted.

But today when I picked them up… I knew they would be put to better use. Plus I just might be able to increase my gas mileage.

My house is clean, my car is clean, and my soul… well, with some deep meditation tomorrow, it should be squeaky clean.

Much love,
Olisa Rachele