day 13… beautifullyODD

ahhh… I had a very beautiful weekend. Today I woke up to find that the clocks sprang forward. I had planned to wake at 8 but woke up around 9:26 to find out it was 10:26. Life is odd. You lose an hour and you realize, I really can’t waste time today.

But I got up and cleaned a little, listened to a Joel Osteen sermon about Developing a Growth Plan. Then did some research and decided to get out the house. I drove down town and explored 10th street around J and K, taking pictures of life. Sat down at a little cafe called Temple and read my books, sketched, and enjoyed a Mexican spice mocha. (delicious)

Then I went and hung out with my boys. Playing cops and robbers is so much better with Nerf Guns. It was sooo fun. We played hide and seek and ran around the house giggling and happy. I love them so. They always put a smile on my face.

I spent some time with a great friend… enjoying deep moments and as our topic turned to God, we picked up the bible and started reading.

And here I am now. Blessed. Soul as squeaky clean as can be…

Tomorrow is a new week. Technically today but I mean new work week. I have a lot of work to do. I need to finish a clients photos and have to write out my plan and the steps to achieve goals. I’ll be sharing by the end of the week. I thought my list of things I want to do and learn was my plan but it’s not. So I think I need to explain how I will achieve the goals on my list. Joel got me thinking of it… So I need to do that and actually add a few things to it, like the studying text books that were in my trunk. So yea… like I said I’ll be sharing that.

And I hope and pray that everyones weekend was great and that the upcoming work week is AmAzing!

MUCH LOVE FOLKS… and stay beautifullyODD