So… I’m off work… THANK YOU GOD. I’d quit in a heart beat if I could afford to take care of myself and still pursue my art. But hey… I can say I’m grateful.

But now that I’m off work… created another painting and downed a glass of wine… It’s time to get to work on finishing another project.

It was a rough day. Mentally that is. But they don’t call me EMOlisa for no reason. lol I can smile to that. I’m up and down like a roller coaster… but as my disciple also told me… If it weren’t for my emotions, the way I feel things, I wouldn’t be the artist I am.

I love my new painting. I used a bendable ruler and beat the ish out of the canvas. As I’ve probably said before… “If I would’ve known painting was the cure to my insanity, I would have started along time ago.” When I paint, I just let go. It’s quite a process, considering it goes from bad to hum, to ok, to almost, to exhale, I’m smiling. But it’s a journey of it’s own. The paint on my hands, the fear, the release, the promise; it’s all so therapeutic.

I had someone ask me about my other painting today… “So what does it mean?” I smiled sheepishly… I couldn’t answer. A famous female artist said something like, it has no meaning, it’s up to the viewer and what they see. I finally replied, “emotion”. All of my paintings, are a piece of my emotion. Whether it be anger, fear, happiness, frustration or whatever; my paintings are me. Everything I feel at one particular moment, on canvas. I even think, when I’m finished, that’s definitely not what I felt when I started. It’s a beautiful process that cleanses my soul. It makes me free again.

But I better get to other pressing work matters.
I’m smiling again.
Olisa Rachele