Day 17 & 18 Being Content yet Taking Action

I’ve been reading a book that was suggested by one of my favorite artist, Stephine Levy. It’s called. “The Creative Habbit”, by Twyla Tharp. Tharp’s book is truly amazing and it is very inspiring. It’s for creative people who struggle forming habits and how to become a better artist by implementing certain habits and realizing the type of person you are so that you can be more effective as an artist.

But what struck me the most today was the chapter on “accidents will happen”. Tharp talks about being content with what you have now. “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they give unlimited resources”. Let me tell you, at first the quote didn’t make sense. I was confused, but as I read on, she explains how when you are given abundant riches you tend to make more mistakes and end up settling. You have to read it to really take in what she says but to reinforce the quote above, here are a few more that help explain what I’m trying to say:

“I use to bask in the notion that all my obstacles to creative efficiency would
vanish if I only had exactly the right resources: my own studio space, my own
dancers… But I’ve learned that the opposite is true: Limits are a secret
blessing, and bounty can be a curse.”

“It’s better to be ready to go than to wait until you are perfectly ready.”

“No deprivation, no inspiration. No then, no now.”

“Remember this the next time you moan about the hand you’re dealt: No matter how
limited your resources, they’re enough to get you started.”

“Necessity will continue to be the mother of invention.”

In saying all this, if you’ve read any of my post this past week on fb you know I’ve been joking around about trying to find a man who can take care of me. I was asking, “Does anyone know a man who would be willing to take care of me for 3 to 5 years so that I don’t have to hold down a job and focus on starting a business.” Now I know that even if I did find one I wouldn’t do it. I’m no “Gold Digger”. But sometimes it’s hard. Though I greatly depend on my job, I wish I could focus more on my dreams. Working full time is such a bore and I hate being stuck behind a desk when your getting ideas and can’t do anything with them but write them down. I’m not struggling struggling… But it would be nice to get some extra change. On that note, I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing. Who can’t use an extra bit of cash?

But in the end, I know it wouldn’t be as worth wild, achieving my dream, with the help of some man. I want this and I definitely don’t need a mans help. Sorry, not man hatting but after being burned a couple of times…. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself. lol

Yes, I could use a bigger studio space, a working sewing machine, endless supply of paints and fabric, and the list can go on and on. But I have been grateful to have what I have. And I admit, though I have intentions to use what I have, I have not.

Which takes me back to the plan. I still promise to post it, no later than tomorrow night. (and i’m almost done editing my cuzo’s pics!)

I have been truly inspired this week. I even brought those books up from my car and there’s about eight of ’em. One on management, marketing, understanding business, and finance. So, there is much to do. I can no longer moan and continue to make excuses. It’s time to be content with my resources and take greater action in developing myDream.

Olisa Rachele