Using my resources…

Today is my first solid attempt in taking advantage of my other resources. I have not learned Illustrator yet and because I can’t afford to go to college I must learn it on my own… with the help of the internet. Within the first 20 minutes I was off to a good start, then confused and am now even more excited and motivated. Like I had mentioned before, I know that I can learn a program inside and out in no time. But this is just different. I’m doing this for fun… with a clear mind, and no pressure of my dream. But I am glad to say that the wealth of information out there is amazing. I have three tabs open and I feel like the biggest NERD ever. I’m googling and even enjoying video tutorials on Illustrator. awww… i love it. But in the end… Hopefully I will be able to post something soon… I have to put forth the effort in order to get my results. (there is something poetic about figuring something out on your own and taking action to get what you want. and i would love to become great at this so that i can say i didn’t spend thousands to have to go to art school.)
much love!