The reason I smile in the end…

God is teaching me a lot about myself. He is molding, pruning, healing, fixing… ME. I say all this because I had a crazy week at work and a very progressive week in my Art.

Work… whatever. If you ever worked in an office I’m sure you already know! But the reason I mention it is because I know that at the end of the day, I can’t let NO one steal my thunder. Work will always be just work. You have to do it! I NEED my paycheck! So, we put up wit it cause we have to survive. I’m willing to continue to do and magnify my best. Bottom line…

sO with all that mess to the side coming home was like heaven! hahahaha And let me tell you I am so proud to say that my earrings were a success! I’m really excited to continue on with that project. Trust me, it was not planned. I have two paintings going, photos to edit, and tutorials that I need to really dig deep in.

The EARRINGS: I purchased a ring years ago that had tiny stone settings. Well, all the stones fell out. I had planned years ago to fill in the gaps with polymer clay. Well as I was messing around with the clay… I got the earring idea. So I have been making my own beads.

Paintings: one is still in progress and the other one is staring at me blankly… (don’t know what I want to do with it.)

What made me really smile today is that I went and bought more supplies. Couldn’t afford to but had the itch. I spent $19.94 on paint, five batches of clay, two canvas’ and one tiny box of sterling earring hooks. (figured i’d buy the expensive box of sterling hooks then the big box which was cheaper and had more hooks so that I could improve quality. at least in the long run.) I saved $9.94. It may sound crazy to be excited over my savings and purchases but I decided that today is the day I save my receipt. And for all those business owners… you know what I mean. It’s going on the wall! I do not have my business license yet but it will all work out in time.

So, this weekend will be very productive. Much to do. A painting to finish, earrings to mold and bake, research and studying, photos to edit and some tutorials to work on.

(keep ya posted)
Olisa Rachele

(suppose to be posted on Friday) didn’t have time to take pics


At what point, does one notice, their life has gone array?
At what point, do they close their eyes, ignoring their inner conscience; and embracing their old ways?
At what point in time, do they realize that, that one little thing would set off a course of chain reactions, which would then effect and become the sum of their own life.

Granted, we are all aloud re-starts, but to obtain one we have to learn something empirically beyond our own reach and grasp. Their it dangles, like a bee spreading its pollen. So dangerously close, like warm honey poured onto your heart.

At which moment did I fuck up all this to begin with. If I was given a choice in any of this, I’d like to know, to which point did I so EPICALLY screw the fuck up. It would be nice to know. I get the whole, “we, us humans, don’t need to know nor understand life’s secrets,” and that “faith… in the end is all we need”. But sometimes, I’d like to have a damn guide book. Yes, the bible… but I’m talkin about an answer or a sign, a yes or a no. A clear concise answer. Is that hard to do? Are us humans undeserving of a simple yes or no? I get it, we’d get lazy, and their for fail and I also get that the way things are… are just fucking perfect! I get it. But just so you know God, a guide book of some sort, a brain, that doesn’t tend to forget, worry, doubt and so much more would have been a little helpful for this conquest you so eagerly placed on my heart! EXHALE!!!

At what point do I allow my self to look away from the obvious and and find myself lost again. At what point do I willingly decide to not do what I know is right… and therefor stand where I am now. Was it because I didn’t wash the first dish I threw in the sink, or because I left my shoes by the front door or decided to go and purchase another pack of cigs. Or was it when I decided that what was important was no longer even a thought. So now the third dish is in the sink, another pair of shoes by the door, this time I dropped the mail, and o shit… i’m out of cigs. How many pairs of shoes are by the door now? five. How many miscellaneous pairs of clothing are littered from my bathroom to my bedroom? Tons. How man decisions did I partake in that so willing caused me to feel the effects today? I lost count.

I’m at that point, I need a re-start. But what will I do with it. Trash it like the others, or cherish it like Gold.