what is BeautifullyOdd?

I’m almost there… a few steps away to a new phase of my life. Still much to do. But I can feel a change coming. A change that I must embrace with an open heart and mind. Scary; But thrilling. I have this crazy amount of faith I’m trying to develop. You see… I’m in no way… quote one quote… normal. And that’s what BeautifullyOdd is all about. It’s for any person who thinks they have to be someone else to be beautiful; To think that they have to be a perfect size or have great skin and amazing hair. BeautifullyOdd is for the chicks that seem a little crazy and are boldly different by choice. BeautifullyOdd is who I am. I’m representin for the girls wit dreams… who dare to be themselves… who dare to be BeautifullyOdd.

Olisa Rachele