Pattern 4

This reminds me of vintage fabric for a chair cushion. lol. I have 3 patterns left and I really have been enjoying the process. Hoping to expand on the illustrations side of things. Stay tunned…

Stay BeautifullyODD

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Pattern 3

I have been so MIA for the past week and I apologize. I have every intention in finishing the other patterns by the end of the month as I have to move in a couple of weeks. These four patterns count as one as I just wanted to play around with basic shapes. Which one is your favorite!?

Art Challenge: Patterns

With every pruning comes a season of growth. I seem to be going through a lot of that right now but not artistically. So… I’ve decided to give my self a self-imposed art challenge creating Patterns.

I haven’t been drawing much and need to find a way to stimulate my creative juices while being productive. At first I wanted to do a 27 day challenge but with a move approaching and a project festering on the side, I decided that I would just create 7. And not daily but hopefully within a couple of weeks… no later than June 27th.

The only way I will grow as a designer and illustrator is to actually do the work. So this is my way of starting off the blog with a fun creative challenge. I have no rules but to create the 7 using whatever medium I choose.

I love patterns and creating geometrical shapes so if you do too… please join me in creating the seven and sharing them using #BEautifullyODDPatternChallenge on Instagram!

Go BEautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

See you soon with my first pattern!!!

From the Earth She Grew

I had an amazing birthday weekend! It was a much-needed mini-vacation away from work, even though I now have a sore throat. I think it was breathing in all that salty air (allergy prone).

I did however, feel like I grew a bit. I cleansed my mala in the wet sand, stood against the knocking waves of the ocean, and let my feet become pumiced by the pebbly sand. I enjoyed a night out dancing with some girlfriends and driving up and down the coast of California all weekend. It was great, needed and spiritually uplifting.

A few months back, I was sensing a transition… I hadn’t realized how significant and life changing it would be… I thought I may had escaped its grasp… but it hadn’t even reared its ugly head. The more we resist change, the more difficult it is to allow change, to evolve us into becoming a better version of ourselves. Regardless of what happens I have faith that God has given me the necessary strength to deal with it. There is nothing to fear. WooSaa

But I just wanted to give an update as my schedule is a little messed up and I’m not feeling too well. Check out the previous post about promises. And download the free Promise worksheet.

Up Next… a self-imposed Art Challenge >>> Patterns?