SELF.jpgBy choosing to live a life as an artist you choose to live differently; you choose to go against the grain. It’s to stand for something crazy, imaginative and interesting; to have an opinion of your own and to do the things that others will not do. But in making the decision to be an artist we make one that isn’t always easy to follow through with. I don’t care what anyone says, it can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster and a toll on our spiritual well being. As for some of us it can take a fair amount of practice, patience, time and sometimes money. The good news is that there is a solution… it’s to never give up. And once you make that decision, it is a pivotal one, a paradigm shift. It’s at this moment you realize you are committed to creativities cunning and spiritual like nature. Because in choosing to pursue your art whole heartedly; you choose to BEautifullyODD.

My name is Olisa Rachele and I’m just happy to be here, to share my artistic journey with the universe; whether it’s through photography, design or doodling. I just want to have fun. This is a documentation of my efforts. I have a small list of goals and aspirations for all of this but I’m still in the very beginning stages of developing my “brand”. I don’t have it all figured out. I’m going through this like most of you who are just beginning, unsure of wtf to do but can’t deny the itch to follow it. I have some formal training, a few AA’s, but most of all I have the curiosity to keep going. So please join me as I take the journey from literally, the very beginning.

As things pick up I will be blogging about how to build a portfolio, the important components of building your creative business, sharing the process of some of my projects; while providing inspiration and fostering a creative community for all. Think of it as an intimate creative diary… one where climbing the mountain, is the joy of the journey.


Olisa Rachele

All Rights Reserved. Copy Right BeauitfullyODD 2009

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