If You’re Complaing, You’re Not Doing

If you’re complaining, you’re not doing. I see glimpses of my dreams, hopes and desires like a mirage far off in the desert; It’s haze shimmering between time and responsibilities. I fear and hope more than I do. Constantly wishing, praying for my deepest desire to come to fruition. Trying to find courage instead of fear. Taking one step at a time in spite of the swarm of anxiety humming beneath my breast-plate. Just keep going I say, Just stay focused I say, Just never give up I say. Whispering into the light of the moon so the sun may know my heart when tomorrow begins again. 



Olisa Rachele



I am so excited to be reintroducing my blog, BEautifullyODD! It has been a VERRRYYY long time since my last post… years. In short, I had decided to go back to school and am pleased to report that it was a successful endeavor. As much as I wanted the art school experience, I felt that community college was in my best interest. I just wanted the opportunity to learn the basic skills and philosophy of design and run off with it. And now, that time is here.

Eeeee!!! Like wtf am I doing!?!?!?! I ask myself this every day, ten times a day, and by golly I’m tired of all the self doubt. I’m sure everyone who’s blogging about art or about the process of it, can’t stop referencing, Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “BiG MaGic”. BUT I too am blessed for the wisdom she poured forth. She reminded me that this artistic journey we so choose to follow is suppose  to be a fun and exhilarating process. That spark you feel when you get an idea… it’s like a breath of fresh air. I live for that. And I know that regardless of what I do… art will always find a way to manifest it’s self back in to my life; as it has been a constant solace, a beacon of light.

I’m not promising any frills. What I’m promising is authenticity. I don’t have an up and running store, hell, I don’t even have product. I don’t even have designs. Shit, do I have the skills? I do have a tiny bit of skills. And tons of fairy dust. I think that’s a perfect combination. It’s just enough to begin. We all begin somewhere and this is a documentation of that. And to be clear there is no time table; I’m invested in the long term. Rome wasn’t built over night, right? Pursuing art is my passion and what is most important to me is that I enjoy myself, grow and possibly encourage a few others to do the same.

Come BEautifullyODD with me!!!

Olisa Rachele

a continued but new begining

It’s been a long time… These past few months have taken me for a spin. But I have realized much change in myself and my world. That was the point of this whole experiment; To not be afraid to show my artistic self to you and the world around me.

I have vaguely researched other artist and their reasons for creativity. The main thing I have learned is that they all do it because they love it. Some do it for the success, money, and recognition, but most of them do it cause they wouldn’t be who they are with out it. That, is my main lesson. Granted life / God has shown me a few things about myself that I still need to work on. But in the end through my own trials and tribulations I have to be true to myself.

My original goal for this blog was to not only fine myself but to prepare myself for art school. And art school doesn’t seem plausible at the moment. But it doesn’t change my reason in finding my artistic self.

So with that said… I’m gladly re-embracing this blog-full journey. I do not know what the future holds. But my camera, pastels, journal, and oddness are along for the ride.

Love, me… Olisa Rachele thanX