Color Palettes 2 & 3

One more thing…

So yesterday I introduced a new topic on Color Palettes, but instead of waiting and releasing the other two later, I wanted to follow-up with additional examples. Honestly, I just want to post all three together on Instagram. Plus more examples never hurt… so here we go…COLOR PALATE 001C.jpg



In the future I’ll probably post one at a time, idk it all depends. They say consistency is one of the many keys to blogging. I’m working on that… one day at a time.


Olisa Rachele

Color Palettes #1

Hey Creatives,

I’m introducing a new topic to my blog which will be exploring the verse world of colors. I will be presenting a simple design or photo featuring three to seven colors and providing their RGB and CMYK values. I’ve always enjoyed working with very bold colors and just want to share some of the color schemes I come across while working and developing design concepts. Please feel free to share your work if your inspired and save a copy of the palette for future use!COLOR PALATE 001A


Olisa Rachele