Pattern 4

This reminds me of vintage fabric for a chair cushion. lol. I have 3 patterns left and I really have been enjoying the process. Hoping to expand on the illustrations side of things. Stay tunned…

Stay BeautifullyODD

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Pattern 3

I have been so MIA for the past week and I apologize. I have every intention in finishing the other patterns by the end of the month as I have to move in a couple of weeks. These four patterns count as one as I just wanted to play around with basic shapes. Which one is your favorite!?

Art Challenge: Patterns

With every pruning comes a season of growth. I seem to be going through a lot of that right now but not artistically. So… I’ve decided to give my self a self-imposed art challenge creating Patterns.

I haven’t been drawing much and need to find a way to stimulate my creative juices while being productive. At first I wanted to do a 27 day challenge but with a move approaching and a project festering on the side, I decided that I would just create 7. And not daily but hopefully within a couple of weeks… no later than June 27th.

The only way I will grow as a designer and illustrator is to actually do the work. So this is my way of starting off the blog with a fun creative challenge. I have no rules but to create the 7 using whatever medium I choose.

I love patterns and creating geometrical shapes so if you do too… please join me in creating the seven and sharing them using #BEautifullyODDPatternChallenge on Instagram!

Go BEautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

See you soon with my first pattern!!!

Art Books VS Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks: tend to be used for developing skill and practice. A place to take notes, scribble, write, brainstorm, and find solutions to help improve your drawings. Where you hash out a final piece that can be used in bigger projects.

Art books: also known as art journals tend to be a form of creative journaling and expressive story telling by creating mini works of art in all forms of medium.

Why am I even having this conversation you may ask? I think it’s because for many years I didn’t allow my self to scribble and make bad drawings; I was afraid to even try. I would give up on a sketchbook if I thought my drawings were bad or if I didn’t think it looked cool any more; I would never get to the end. All this was because I wouldn’t allow my self to create with out judgement. 

And are any of you OCD about your sketchbooks? It brings to question, especially to artist who aren’t as developed, do you feel the need to keep separate books? or maybe some split them by theme and genre? But when it comes to art books and sketchbooks do you find one or the other to give you more comfort in creating and being free to experiment?

I feel as though with sketchbooks you are free to make mistakes and no one has to see it. It shows your progress and development. For an experienced artist, every page seems to tell a story. But for those that are starting out or are using them to just brainstorm ideas, it can turn into page after page of crossing out, scribbles of curse words and more writing and note taking than actual drawing.

Art books have tons of awesome illustrations and creative pieces that tell a piece of your story. They can be a collage of sorts: paper, paint, glitter, drawings. I love them. They are a visual fiesta of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

When I first started drawing back in hs I was surrounded by some very talented individuals. I mean dope work! Cal Arts potential! I kept trying but gave up after I picked up a camera. It was when I came across art journaling that I felt free to break back into it. So I decided to commit to one book and finish it in its entierity by spilling my love all over it. Pages bleed and stuck together, some were ripped and torn and burned, while others are illegible and flooded with tear stains.

Regardless of your process, the whole point is to create.

I have about two or three that I keep around the house. A sketchbook where I don’t give two shits if I mess it up; Sribble mayhem. And a mini sketchbook, if I can’t carry around my main book, which is my handi dandi art journal. I still allow my self to scribble in my art journal. But I’ve noticed that I have now mixed the both; It’s full of fleeting moments, inked stories, painted pages, glued hearts and pink trees. The whole point is to enjoy our creative experience without beating ourselves up in the process.

No matter what you choose to draw in… don’t feel like it has to be perfect. My first creative journal that I finally allowed my self to be free in became a remarkable journey. If you don’t like a drawing… glue over it, paint over it, rip the page to pieces and glue it back in and sprinkle it with glitter. Cover it with leaves and permanent markers… just fuck it up… it’s yours and you don’t have to show anyone what’s inside. Allow your self to be free… no need to be perfect… what’s perfect is your communion with creation.

Olisa Rachele