Keeping a Promise

Hey Guys!!!

As promised I have attached a free downloadable Promise worksheet.

A few weeks before relaunching the blog I did a bit of research on promises and why, more often than not, we tend to break them. I had felt this overwhelming need to make a promise to myself but fear of my self-sabotage ways started to seep in.

Do you have trouble keeping promises with yourself? Do you make excuses rather than sticking to your goals?

What I learned was that the benefits could be more rewarding than the actual promise it self as they can improve our lives and help support your aspirations and aims. It can be a test of integrity which can help you recommit to your word and encourages confidence.

  • Knowing we can rely on ourselves makes us feel better.
  • If something were to come up that could prevent you from keeping your word, your integrity can help you recommit to your promise if you do find yourself off course.
  • Gain all the approval you’ll ever need… your own!
  • Break your goal or promise in to bite size pieces so that achieving your goal is easier to accomplish.
  • Reward yourself!

For more details check out the article in the reference section that goes into further detail and print out the attached pdf and spend some time determining what it is it you want to quit or start doing. Figure out how and what it takes to achieve said goal and whether or not your serious about doing what it takes to achieve it. Fill out the worksheet and hang it on your bathroom mirror or in your cubicle or on the fridge or on the door of the cookie pantry.

We all pretty much have an idea of what it is we want to achieve but having a piece of paper sorta keeps you visually accountable. It’s no longer floating around in the back of our minds. Your promise is special no matter the size of it and it’s yours to cherish. Nurture it and let it grow and prosper and help you seize your aspirations.

Download Promise WorkSheet Here! Hang it on your wall and let it motivate you to keep your eyes on the goal!

References: Here’s What It Takes to Keep A Promise to Yourself

Goodbye Negativity!

Today was interesting as far as the romantic side of my life goes. We make so many excuses for a significant other; while never extending that same compassion and understanding to ourselves.

And why… for what??? When in the end, more often than not, we should have taken the time to give ourselves a break, to extend ourselves the understanding we are so willing to give to others.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t (to a degree)… but I think  instead of making excuses for people’s actions who clearly don’t care about our feelings, instead of wasting that energy on them, we focus it on us and give ourselves a chance.

Instead of berating and believing in all that self-doubt… we need to consciously decide to speak to ourselves with loving compassion. Don’t allow people to treat you or make you think you are anything less than unbelievably unique and amazing; And then sit there and think of excuses to why they treat you a certain way.

Stop that now. Please. Let it all go and be willing to give yourself the same compassion and understanding we so often give to others.

Stay BeautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

Stay tuned for a free downloadable promise worksheet. Do you have trouble keeping promises with yourself? Do you make excuses rather than sticking to your goals? Hopefully my promise worksheet will help you stick to that one special promise you secretly want to commit to. Hang it on your wall and let it motivate you to keep your eyes on the goal.

Stay Gracious

My birthday is quickly approaching! EEE… Birthday’s are always special when you have something extra to celebrate, like a new job or graduating. Those kinds of milestones make your birthday a tad more rewarding. And though I have accomplished neither (recently)… I can’t help but celebrate: this here blog with its one follower, my instagram that is gaining a couple of followers a week and that I feel overwhelming reassured about my artistic future.

I’ve been a tad stressed as I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you! But with all my hopes and dreams I just wish to Stay Gracious. That through all of this I have a humble, happy heart that is excitedly pursing her artistic creative nature.

So yes… Stay Gracious and BEautifullyODD

Stay tuned for a free downloadable promise worksheet. Do you have trouble keeping promises with yourself? Do you make excuses rather than sticking to your goals? Hopefully my promise worksheet will help you stick to that one special promise you secretly want to commit to. Hang it on your wall and let it motivate you to keep your eyes on the goal.


I’ve attached wings to my heart…

I am a firm believer in putting your heart on the line. If they smash it to pieces it will be fine. I know how to put it back together. It may suck… but instead of wallowing in the pain im trying to break it open even more. Filleting my heart wide, gaping, hanging on a clothes line, vulnerable to the elements. Airing out the dew and mold, releasing the tainted blood that still flows through its system… i lay my heart out, not for u, but i. I have taken it from its cage and have planted a seed in its crown and attached wings to its side. You cant break a heart that’s already been broken.


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Every Monday for me is a reminder of how much I didn’t accomplish during the weekend. It’s a drag to have to get up and go to your full-time job, that you know you are beyond blessed in even having in the first place, but let’s be honest… hate.

And though my weekends have been enjoyably  more productive… I still want so much more to be done… organized… accomplished. And when I have to stop and go to my job… I feel so panicked. It’s frustrating. And my brain doesn’t turn off when I go to work: it doesn’t stop you from having to keep in contact with clients or to jot down a few notes and consume your breaks with any thing related to art to help keep you sane.

Honestly every second sucks. lol. I know, I’m working on that but until then… PATIENCE is what I’m calling on.

The patience to do my mind numbing job so that I can pay for my rent. (i love home)

The patience to not feel like everything has to be done and organized or the need to have tons of content on standby. 

The patience to let all of this unfold in its own time.

To be patient with my self. To be patient with others.

To be patient with the universe because I know everything is coming together.


Olisa Rachele

Art Books VS Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks: tend to be used for developing skill and practice. A place to take notes, scribble, write, brainstorm, and find solutions to help improve your drawings. Where you hash out a final piece that can be used in bigger projects.

Art books: also known as art journals tend to be a form of creative journaling and expressive story telling by creating mini works of art in all forms of medium.

Why am I even having this conversation you may ask? I think it’s because for many years I didn’t allow my self to scribble and make bad drawings; I was afraid to even try. I would give up on a sketchbook if I thought my drawings were bad or if I didn’t think it looked cool any more; I would never get to the end. All this was because I wouldn’t allow my self to create with out judgement. 

And are any of you OCD about your sketchbooks? It brings to question, especially to artist who aren’t as developed, do you feel the need to keep separate books? or maybe some split them by theme and genre? But when it comes to art books and sketchbooks do you find one or the other to give you more comfort in creating and being free to experiment?

I feel as though with sketchbooks you are free to make mistakes and no one has to see it. It shows your progress and development. For an experienced artist, every page seems to tell a story. But for those that are starting out or are using them to just brainstorm ideas, it can turn into page after page of crossing out, scribbles of curse words and more writing and note taking than actual drawing.

Art books have tons of awesome illustrations and creative pieces that tell a piece of your story. They can be a collage of sorts: paper, paint, glitter, drawings. I love them. They are a visual fiesta of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

When I first started drawing back in hs I was surrounded by some very talented individuals. I mean dope work! Cal Arts potential! I kept trying but gave up after I picked up a camera. It was when I came across art journaling that I felt free to break back into it. So I decided to commit to one book and finish it in its entierity by spilling my love all over it. Pages bleed and stuck together, some were ripped and torn and burned, while others are illegible and flooded with tear stains.

Regardless of your process, the whole point is to create.

I have about two or three that I keep around the house. A sketchbook where I don’t give two shits if I mess it up; Sribble mayhem. And a mini sketchbook, if I can’t carry around my main book, which is my handi dandi art journal. I still allow my self to scribble in my art journal. But I’ve noticed that I have now mixed the both; It’s full of fleeting moments, inked stories, painted pages, glued hearts and pink trees. The whole point is to enjoy our creative experience without beating ourselves up in the process.

No matter what you choose to draw in… don’t feel like it has to be perfect. My first creative journal that I finally allowed my self to be free in became a remarkable journey. If you don’t like a drawing… glue over it, paint over it, rip the page to pieces and glue it back in and sprinkle it with glitter. Cover it with leaves and permanent markers… just fuck it up… it’s yours and you don’t have to show anyone what’s inside. Allow your self to be free… no need to be perfect… what’s perfect is your communion with creation.

Olisa Rachele



One step at a time…

Relaunching BEautifullyODD has been a blessing in disguise. With each step, I find myself, like one must in an orchard… cherries, apples, peaches, and pecans fresh for the picking… treasures. Ideas are swarming. I feel pulled in so many directions. But with each step there is a gem along the path way. It opens up to something else and I’m blessed that with each step, my actions are helping me to grow and create new things.

It’s been a while since I actually got up, packed a bag, grabbed my camera and sketchbook and took off. Hopefully I got one photo… 

I just know if I hadn’t launched I’d still be making excuses… but now it’s helping me to keep going.

Stay tuned for ArtBooks VS SketchBooks! Which side are you on? How many sketch / art books do you keep on rotation and is there a difference between the two? 


Vulnerability & Blogging

  1. None of this should be stressful.
  2. I’m not doing this for anyone but me.
  3. Do this at your own level and your own pace.
  4. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
  5. Just breathe, take tons of notes, educate your self and keep growing.

Welcome back to BEautifullyODD!

A moment of truth: this blog is a real account of me building what ever it is this may lead to (About). And for some reason, this time around, I feel a bit more vulnerable.

It’s taken a long time to get back to this point in my life and feel that I could confidently pursue it. I tend to hate the word vulnerable. You hear that word used a lot in the love department. And I admit, I wasn’t expecting to feel this way.  I’m like… my love life is already on the line, not my art too. 

But I guess this time around it feels like there is so much at risk. Not in proving anything to anyone, not in getting likes, not for fame, nor money. But for all the tears I’ve cried, for all the heart ache, the pain, for peace, and spiritual healing. And mainly, because I have told my self I couldn’t.

And yet… Nothing prepares you for launching your blog and realizing that no one cares; a few do and you love them dearly. I knew this the first time around, but I couldn’t help but feel even more on my own. Exposed. Right away I realized that I can’t waste my time keeping tabs on all the analytics. I need to be focused on the content.

Where this goes, is dependent on how much work and effort I decide to spill into it. Not how many likes and followers I can get. I’d rather not stress on that anyhow. If you plan to be successful, it’s the first thing you need to get over.

Stay BeauitfullyODD!

Olisa Rachele

Stay tuned for ArtBooks VS SketchBooks! Which side are you on? How many sketch / art books do you keep on rotation and is there a difference between the two?