Goodbye Negativity!

Today was interesting as far as the romantic side of my life goes. We make so many excuses for a significant other; while never extending that same compassion and understanding to ourselves.

And why… for what??? When in the end, more often than not, we should have taken the time to give ourselves a break, to extend ourselves the understanding we are so willing to give to others.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t (to a degree)… but I think  instead of making excuses for people’s actions who clearly don’t care about our feelings, instead of wasting that energy on them, we focus it on us and give ourselves a chance.

Instead of berating and believing in all that self-doubt… we need to consciously decide to speak to ourselves with loving compassion. Don’t allow people to treat you or make you think you are anything less than unbelievably unique and amazing; And then sit there and think of excuses to why they treat you a certain way.

Stop that now. Please. Let it all go and be willing to give yourself the same compassion and understanding we so often give to others.

Stay BeautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

Stay tuned for a free downloadable promise worksheet. Do you have trouble keeping promises with yourself? Do you make excuses rather than sticking to your goals? Hopefully my promise worksheet will help you stick to that one special promise you secretly want to commit to. Hang it on your wall and let it motivate you to keep your eyes on the goal.

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