Art Books VS Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks: tend to be used for developing skill and practice. A place to take notes, scribble, write, brainstorm, and find solutions to help improve your drawings. Where you hash out a final piece that can be used in bigger projects.

Art books: also known as art journals tend to be a form of creative journaling and expressive story telling by creating mini works of art in all forms of medium.

Why am I even having this conversation you may ask? I think it’s because for many years I didn’t allow my self to scribble and make bad drawings; I was afraid to even try. I would give up on a sketchbook if I thought my drawings were bad or if I didn’t think it looked cool any more; I would never get to the end. All this was because I wouldn’t allow my self to create with out judgement. 

And are any of you OCD about your sketchbooks? It brings to question, especially to artist who aren’t as developed, do you feel the need to keep separate books? or maybe some split them by theme and genre? But when it comes to art books and sketchbooks do you find one or the other to give you more comfort in creating and being free to experiment?

I feel as though with sketchbooks you are free to make mistakes and no one has to see it. It shows your progress and development. For an experienced artist, every page seems to tell a story. But for those that are starting out or are using them to just brainstorm ideas, it can turn into page after page of crossing out, scribbles of curse words and more writing and note taking than actual drawing.

Art books have tons of awesome illustrations and creative pieces that tell a piece of your story. They can be a collage of sorts: paper, paint, glitter, drawings. I love them. They are a visual fiesta of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

When I first started drawing back in hs I was surrounded by some very talented individuals. I mean dope work! Cal Arts potential! I kept trying but gave up after I picked up a camera. It was when I came across art journaling that I felt free to break back into it. So I decided to commit to one book and finish it in its entierity by spilling my love all over it. Pages bleed and stuck together, some were ripped and torn and burned, while others are illegible and flooded with tear stains.

Regardless of your process, the whole point is to create.

I have about two or three that I keep around the house. A sketchbook where I don’t give two shits if I mess it up; Sribble mayhem. And a mini sketchbook, if I can’t carry around my main book, which is my handi dandi art journal. I still allow my self to scribble in my art journal. But I’ve noticed that I have now mixed the both; It’s full of fleeting moments, inked stories, painted pages, glued hearts and pink trees. The whole point is to enjoy our creative experience without beating ourselves up in the process.

No matter what you choose to draw in… don’t feel like it has to be perfect. My first creative journal that I finally allowed my self to be free in became a remarkable journey. If you don’t like a drawing… glue over it, paint over it, rip the page to pieces and glue it back in and sprinkle it with glitter. Cover it with leaves and permanent markers… just fuck it up… it’s yours and you don’t have to show anyone what’s inside. Allow your self to be free… no need to be perfect… what’s perfect is your communion with creation.

Olisa Rachele




One step at a time…

Relaunching BEautifullyODD has been a blessing in disguise. With each step, I find myself, like one must in an orchard… cherries, apples, peaches, and pecans fresh for the picking… treasures. Ideas are swarming. I feel pulled in so many directions. But with each step there is a gem along the path way. It opens up to something else and I’m blessed that with each step, my actions are helping me to grow and create new things.

It’s been a while since I actually got up, packed a bag, grabbed my camera and sketchbook and took off. Hopefully I got one photo… 

I just know if I hadn’t launched I’d still be making excuses… but now it’s helping me to keep going.

Stay tuned for ArtBooks VS SketchBooks! Which side are you on? How many sketch / art books do you keep on rotation and is there a difference between the two? 


Push past the bad…

I had a teacher tell me once that it takes a hundred bad drawings to get to one decent one. Yes, these skills come easier to some but this would mean that our success is dependent on how much effort we are willing to put into our work. At first… we all sucked. At first… it’s going to take a hundred tries. But if we keep paying our dues, eventually we’re able to break through and pocket the gems that are awaiting on the other side.

Don’t let those first hundred drawings deter you… push past the bad.

Stay BeautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

Take a Risk

I’d like to thank everyone who has liked, shared or even took the time to check out my blog! It really means a lot to me as I begin this journey. The reality of the amount of work that I will have to put into this is starting to sink in. But instead of being discouraged I am getting extremely excited as I take the tiny steps along my journey. What are some of the fears that are preventing you from starting today? Don’t be afraid to take a risk and challenge yourself! You have more to lose if you don’t.

i know

i know… I said I was back and I’ve been gone just as long as the time’s’ before. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to start this until I was fully ready to make the commitment. But even then… I have no regrets. I do wish and even hope that one day I will be able to fully commit to the time that is needed to redeem and even accelerate the dynamics of this here blog. But till then… your stuck wit me… this… the uncertainty of what it means to be BeautifullyODD.

As some of you may know… a lot of things have happened, as always, and I decided to go back to school after a long conversation with a good friend. Though I felt that art school was not a possible option for myself… I decided to go back to community college to obtain my Graphic Design and Illustration degree at Sierra College. And let me tell you… I have learned so much within the past three weeks, than I will have ever learned in attending an “Ivy League Art School” for the price of free99. (it has cost and i will get to that) but in the end the cost of me attending this school compared to an “expensive” art school… where I would have to repay 80grand+ back in school loans is incomparable.

I do want to make one thing clear… as inconsistent as this blog has been, as inconsistent as I have been in trying to pull everything together… the opportunity I have now and the ability to learn as much as I have and will (considering this is only my first semester back in school after graduating in photo. and it only being the third or so week in school) has allowed me to take my dreams to a whole notha level. I feel as if the knowledge alone, will not only give me the potential to grow and follow my dreams, but actually allow me to make something substantial.

As I stated earlier… there is cost. But as my cousin said… “I’m on a budget… its a recession” and I just cannot except the idea of spending HELLA money on going to an art school when I can be investing that same money in my ideas, my hopes and dreams. Yes, you have to invest in yourself… and I believe that is what I am doing. But I ain’t rich. Are you going to pay for my schooling? I didn’t think so. So… I feel as I have made the best alternative decision possible and I am so excited about the little adventure I am taking.

Which brings me to the next big thing… and I probably shouldn’t comment to much on it because I am a conspirator… I have come across some money that will allow me to breathe again and continue to invest in my art and dreams. I would and if I could even explain the dynamics of my hopes, my ideas… but I feel so secretive with them… theIr Golden. And though my ideas or hopes may not stand out amongst the millions of other artist influencing our world… I’m one more… hopefully one that can and will find her voice… and be able to influence the nation.

a few steps away from glory
not dependent on society as much as much as i’m dependent on myself.
the key is in my hand… i stand there… seconds away from slipping it into the lock
a twist away from my destiny.
and yet this very moment is what counts. regardless of, what i like to call circumstancial responsibilities, right now… i truly feel like anything and everything is beyond possible.
but it won’t happen till i unlock the door…
fuck fear… i’m just ready to be happy
and i think i’ve chosen the right door… i know i have
a twist away from my fate
this is my life…
ill love it till the end of time

love me
ps. i’m still here… went on vacation, been busy and as Arnold says… “I’ll be back.” 🙂

what is BeautifullyOdd?

I’m almost there… a few steps away to a new phase of my life. Still much to do. But I can feel a change coming. A change that I must embrace with an open heart and mind. Scary; But thrilling. I have this crazy amount of faith I’m trying to develop. You see… I’m in no way… quote one quote… normal. And that’s what BeautifullyOdd is all about. It’s for any person who thinks they have to be someone else to be beautiful; To think that they have to be a perfect size or have great skin and amazing hair. BeautifullyOdd is for the chicks that seem a little crazy and are boldly different by choice. BeautifullyOdd is who I am. I’m representin for the girls wit dreams… who dare to be themselves… who dare to be BeautifullyOdd.

Olisa Rachele


I get the urge to leave a lot. To just get in my car and go. Sometimes I drive for hours, just so that I can leave my troubles behind. I love the way it feels; the air blowing on my face, the cruising, the time to clear my head, the ability… to see more. (exhale)

Something in me is changing or maybe I’m just finding a piece of me that I buried away many years ago when I couldn’t afford to slow down. I haven’t been working. It’s still calling my name, but I needed a break. I was extremely serious about the previous post. Last weekend I started to see the bigger picture. I started to see what my hard work and determination would create. And though I have my ups and downs; I know and firmly believe that I can be successful. It took a great second to even come to this part of my revelation but I’m seriously spring cleaning my soul and my apartment. I’ve been walking around blindly since I graduated. It will be a damn year this May. Crazy. (and I got up to check just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind). But I mention all this because my heart is vying for my attention. My need for order and peace is busting through the hinges.

I’ve been enjoying the weather, sitting on my balcaony with tea and a good book. Just relaxing. And today I realized I really need to organize my art stuff. It’s everywhere. I have a small place but I have stuff in my kitchen cabinets, under my futon in the living room and my dining area is where my computer is. I have photo stuff tucked away in the hallway closet, in another one I have books, paints and more, then I have a desk in my bedroom that contains more stuff like rulers and etc. But it’s ridiculous. I cannot afford a second bedroom right now so after a week in here its all mayhem and fullishness. But in the midst of it all I realized that I need a clean, organized work space. I will just have to pick up whatever I do the night before and put it away. I can’t let it get ridiculous in here.

But besides all that my spirit is just regrouping. I’m refilling my brain and heart with positivity. Working and reading books like, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill. Amongst the photography books, inspirational success stories, and educational info, I’m just preparing myself. It’s bout to initially start; I think after my bday… MAY 27 🙂 It seems far but time goes fast… like I said, a year! It has been successful. A lot has happened. But I’m content, grateful, and just ready to proceed. So… I’ll do some updates in between… I’ll probably post notes… just info I come across that I think is important.

Spring Cleaning

I do not have the pleasure of knowing a lot of artist on a personal basis. So as I take on this artistic journey, I’m doing so from the very beginning stages. I do have a degree in photography and have been exposed to many different art mediums; But that does not make me “educated” or great. Though I have the AA, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box. Yes, I know a few things but I can’t tell you every vocabulary term for photography and I still haven’t wrapped my head around “exposure equations.” As I embark on this journey, I’m starting from scratch.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve realized what it will take for me to get to my mountain top. And let me tell you I lost my mind in trying to figure it out…

It can be difficult to find someone to relate to artistically. Someone with whom you can genuinely share a healthy artful relationship; Encouraging, and helping each other out. I believe it’s important to have some one their to tell you where you can improve and encourage you to do your best, push you to excel, and remind you to believe in yourself.

Us artist are EMOTIONAL! At least I am. Which means I need to look into art community groups on line because I’m not trying to end up like Edgar Allen Poe or Van Gogh. I don’t want there to be any debate on whether or not I cut my ear off (wtheck). And this is where I mention, after losing my mind, I finally had my epiphany.

I became frustrated with my art the other day and I realized that my art is the last thing that should be making me want to pull my hair out. Why do it? Why attempt to if its going to make me feel horrible? But I didn’t let the thought linger, I brushed it away because I know I can never walk away from it. But why was I upset? This may sound crazy, but hey, I believe us artist have deep souls. We see things differently, we feel things with heightened senses. We notice the little things: like the way the leaves blow, and how the wind feels when it brushes our skin, we see this connection to another dimension. We feel inclined to tell its story, in one form or another, we try. We try to find the light with in. So… I realized my light was dim. It wasn’t connecting to my art. I was losing the connection; my ability to see.

This didn’t happen over night. I had allowed it to slip away from me years ago. I was reading Oprah’s magazine (I’m not her biggest fan but the poetry issue was really good.) and they did an interview with Mary Oliver. She is an amazing poet, you must read “The Journey”, AmAzing. But at the end of her interview I just felt my spirit open. My spirit is my compass, my eye, my ability to do my art. And to read Mary Oliver’s story was truly inspiring. She made me remember why it is I do what I do. Why I am who I am. It truly touched me.

In conclusion, I realized my spirit needs loving. It needs to breathe… it needs me. I don’t want to lose this connection. I want to grow old and be able to inspire many. To have a heart, a spirit, that shines brilliantly. In order to be TRUE to my art, I need a TRUE connection with my spirit.

Olisa Rachele