A Lazy Bum

Today, is a new day. A day of promise. I may not be as enthused as I should be. But here I am. Looking the day in the face. Taking in its perspective potential. I have come to take this day by its balls and milk it for its every promise. It may sound derogatory, but to me it sounds triumphant. I want to yell at the top of my lungs, pronouncing that I am unstoppable, I am victorious. Why today, because today I stand up against the need or want to crawl back into bed and rot. Lame right. But if I were to do that, then what would I be. A lazy bum, walking away from responsibility, walking away from reaching my goals, walking away from what’s in my heart. So today, I choose to not be a lazy bum, but to follow my heart and make it the best day ever.

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