Art Challenge: Patterns

With every pruning comes a season of growth. I seem to be going through a lot of that right now but not artistically. So… I’ve decided to give my self a self-imposed art challenge creating Patterns.

I haven’t been drawing much and need to find a way to stimulate my creative juices while being productive. At first I wanted to do a 27 day challenge but with a move approaching and a project festering on the side, I decided that I would just create 7. And not daily but hopefully within a couple of weeks… no later than June 27th.

The only way I will grow as a designer and illustrator is to actually do the work. So this is my way of starting off the blog with a fun creative challenge. I have no rules but to create the 7 using whatever medium I choose.

I love patterns and creating geometrical shapes so if you do too… please join me in creating the seven and sharing them using #BEautifullyODDPatternChallenge on Instagram!

Go BEautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

See you soon with my first pattern!!!

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