Damned from jump…
But rescued within the same moment
You left me before I was even created
You abandoned all hope
Before my heart even started
Another woman’s garbage
Is another woman’s treasure.

Look me in my eye now
Look at the monster in which
The fabric of your being created
Smirk on my face… I’m…
Your worst nightmare
And look at you… ahead of the game…
You have more than one bastared.

I’m not cursing you
Nor do I have pitty
I can’t even determine
if these feelings
Are even

But I do feel something.
Love for the unknown
Love for the other bastared
you so willingly abandoned.

and yet I only forgive you
because here I stand
your nothing more than
a breeder.

dealing with feelings that i’ve buried so deep that i don’t even know if their legitimate. I sound surprisingly angry… hum. I just have to let it out in some form or another… at work… no room for artistic expression at the moment.

(Family: please don’t) please

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