Day… idk

Well, I know it’s day 8… but I WAS SICK THIS WEEKEND. Trust… i lost 5lbs.

But regardless of the day… I feel like a million bucks. LOVE THY SELF. I got my health back, my brain is ready to get to work, and my heart is more than ready.

i feel alive… i can breathe… and at the moment… i love thy self… and let me explain very briefly before i finish editing the photos that will be within the post… I’m not cocky. Trust… But I’m finding my self… and I love what I’m finding… Me.

…if you ever had a low self esteem… were scared of being in your own skin… STOP. Have confidence in all of you. The wacky… the uncontrollable.. the greatness… the everything about you!

olisa rachele

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