Birth of an ArtisticIDentity

It’s day 21. All hope has not been abandoned. If anything it’s just now rearing it’s “BeautifullyODD” head. I do not know who I am as an artist. If anything… my art should be a representation of who I am, what I feel and believe. But how do I even begin to translate that. I see so many different artist out there who seem to have their own specific identity. What is mine? And this is not to say that one’s identity does not evolve. But what is my artistic identity?

The reason I bring up this subject is because I promised to you all, and myself, that I would produce a plan. In trying to think of one, I immediately felt overwhelmed, discouraged, and lost. I have a list of 43 things I wish to achieve, work on, learn, and just do in one form or another. Though I can not disclose everything on my list, when I looked at it, I didn’t know where to begin. So I asked myself:

1. What do you want to do?
Out of all of them I want to revamp my look and not only that, but create a style for myself. (includes website, flyers, business cards, invoices, tags, blog, online store: the style has to be reflective in all)

2. How can that be achieved?
I know I can continue to paint, which I have a very abstract approach to. Second, there is sketching, I know I need to do more of that. And then their is my photography. All three of those things are extremely essential in achieving my goal. But there are some other tools I have yet to learn. For example, I really want to get into using Illustrator and Corel. By learning these programs and continuing to sketch, continue taking photos, and painting… I can begin to determine my artistic identity.

So… I know that in order to achieve that I need to sketch for so long a day; Work on certain programs for 2-3hours a day. That can be done. But I’m searching for a look. I got an idea…
Time to get to work…

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