ok… so when i ran off earlier it was because I got an idea of what i want my look to look like. But i do believe i need to expand my horizons. i didn’t pay all this money for my programs to not use them. so… inhale exhale. I need to sit down and do a bunch of tutorials. it’s not like i’m going to art school, so i will create my own school. :O PRAY FOR ME! I need to approach this with a positive attitude. I must!!! Depending on how long it takes me to do one… I will attempt to do at least one to two a week. CURSE EXPENSIVE ART SCHOOLS!!! I can do this… i just need to learn the tools of the trade. AND not to gloat but I’ve been under worse pressure: high school computer animation; learned a program in a week. So goal is to learn illustrator. And by the 31st i want at least two tutorials completed. plus with the skills i learn… translate them into my own creation. (God, you already know what all this means to me.) BeautifullyODD

ps… my 31 days is almost over. and though I have not had one perfect work day I’ve learned a lot so far. Apart of me wants to walk away from all this(blog) again. I know not to…
1. I know I don’t care what the negative people in my life have to say
2. Being CONTENT with my resources and taking action by putting them to use
3. Being confident in my skin…
4. to keep moving forward…
5. I’m not a morning person
6. working out… shit i’m thick… i’ll do it when i feel like it (pass me the jello to add to my whip cream) lol
7. I want this
8. …

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