Day 31

Today is the last day of the month… the last day to my 31 days of March. Though some what unsuccessful, it was successful in all the right ways. And let me tell you, today was bitter-sweet; And I’m not talkin about the wine tasting segment.

I went to Napa for the first time today and spent it with some great friends. We seriously had a blast. (Photo’s to come later. It’s late and it’s time for bed.) But what made this day bitter-sweet was the meeting I had with a fellow photographer.

His advice and wisdom was greatly cherished. SERIOUSLY! But as always, when I left, I felt extremely perplexed. In need of comfort, reassurance, faith, motivation, love, and so much more. It wasn’t so much as the doubt that was eating away at me but the realization that the next phase of my life as an artist is a phase in which I relentlessly pursue my dreams.

I know this sounds tried and cliche. I can be sorta of a repeat button. But hear me out… This morning when I picked up my prints for my meeting… (I was already dressed from head to toe, make up on and feeling extremely confident. And as I have mentioned before, confidence has been a great struggle for me.) But on my way home to meet up with my friends, I remembered the little kid that was scared, yet had dreams as big as the North Star, desperately wanting to be happy, confident, artsy, and “in control of her life”. I felt this connection. It’s hard to explain… but today I felt like the woman I dreamt of being when I was that little girl.

To hear the words my photographer friend had to say made me realize what it’s truly going to take to get to the play offs. His advice was exactly what I needed to hear. (will post some of his advice when I post pictures)

But in all this 31 days has been quite revealing. I know I can’t give up, I told doubt to go screw him self, and I’m just more than ready to commit and do my part.
Olisa Rachele

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