Spring is finally here…

Spring is finally showing its beautiful face… and let me tell you… the feeling is surreal. While at work I spent some time writing some poetry. It really helped since I was knee deep in my perplex-ia. When I came home… I finally saw my evening for its real potential. It’s not like I don’t come home, work and get stuff done but today when I walked in the door I was like, “hummm, what do I want to do.” Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and it makes me feel like anything and everything is possible. Especially this year. I think it’s because I am finally able to see and enjoy life. When your runnin around, back and forth to school, work, and doing things for family… you kinda live a blinded life.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR. The sun is nourishing my soul and to see the light is very encouraging. So what do I want to do today?

(pondering the idea)
1. I want to work on my tutorials.
2. Work in my art journal which helps me formulate my ideas and work through my craziness.
3. I have a board in my room that is still half empty and it’s suppose to home some of my ideas and inspiration.
4. I REALLY WANT TO TRY SOMETHING IN ILLUSTRATOR… granted I have not finished my tutorials which is even more encouraging for me to get to work… but i want to start making designs. I can’t wait to be able to do that. That is going to be AWESOME!!!
5. I have photos I have to edit for my cousin… and I have photos that I still have not touched from my trip to napa…
6. Eventually crack open one of those business books that were stashed in my car for years. It’s been in the back of mind to start with the personal / small business finance one. I’m a starving artist and maybe it can help me get my own money straight. That way I can put my money towards my business and be able to afford film / developing, fabric, paint, canvases and soooooo much more. (can u dig it?)
7. read bible and meditate

so… I better get started.

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