One step at a time…

Relaunching BEautifullyODD has been a blessing in disguise. With each step, I find myself, like one must in an orchard… cherries, apples, peaches, and pecans fresh for the picking… treasures. Ideas are swarming. I feel pulled in so many directions. But with each step there is a gem along the path way. It opens up to something else and I’m blessed that with each step, my actions are helping me to grow and create new things.

It’s been a while since I actually got up, packed a bag, grabbed my camera and sketchbook and took off. Hopefully I got one photo… 

I just know if I hadn’t launched I’d still be making excuses… but now it’s helping me to keep going.

Stay tuned for ArtBooks VS SketchBooks! Which side are you on? How many sketch / art books do you keep on rotation and is there a difference between the two? 


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