Letting Go of the Past

With all this stuff i carry around, moving from apartment to apartment, all of it is just a reminder of where i’ve been and where I want to go. I look at it… and am instantly transported to the past. All of it now, to be honest, though priceless to me, is mostly garbage. I only mention all this as I feel the need to honestly move forward artistically but first I need to let go of a lot of stale old work and expectations.

I found this chic on instagram who was saying that if you are a crafter, you can relate to the fact that you keep a stash of paper that anyone else would presume as trash, but to us, it’s a treasure cove of opportunities. I instantly laughed and felt reassured in my absurdity.

I have stacks of books like some girls have shoes. And I have plastic tubs full of paper like my grandma had years and I mean over ten years of tv guides. And then there is all my past work, though laced in my efforts of courage, most of it needs to be thrown in the garbage.

Now that im here and am exploring and accepting the past i know there is so much of it that i need to let go of so that I can freely move on. I have chosen to live my life as an artist and getting rid of a few things will not change that. I know i can’t and wont stop. I’m just excited about what may come. But I can only do it One Step at a Time, with no expectations, just graciousness.

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