My First Piece

I am so excited that I was able to create this hobo bag as my first piece! I took an old wrap skirt that I purchased up in Fort Brag, that never really fit right, and decided to make it into a bag. The fabric is so pretty and I saved it just so i could do something like this. For my first piece on a sewing machine I am so very proud of myself. I was able to put on a zipper and even added a medium-sized pocket on the inside.

Though I made a few mistakes, which I expected, I am so happy that it came out as well as it did, considering I haven’t made anything before with a sewing machine. And I must add, I didn’t use a patten…I kind of found the fabric speaking to me. I am just so excited that I was able to make something pretty awesome.

I went out yesterday to Joanns and found some beautiful pieces of fabric. I can’t wait to get started on them and see where this leads.

My First Sewing Machine!!!

I am so excited to announce that I have finally purchased my first sewing machine. Though I am not new to sewing, I have very limited experience with using a machine.  Four years ago I signed up for a beginner sewing class but had to drop it as I found a new job and the hours conflicted. But in that class, I barely learned how to thread a machine or wind a bobbin. I only got as far as sewing a few basic stitches, so trust me when I say, I am definitely out of my depth.

So why did I buy a sewing machine? And not just a simple $100 machine. First off I wanted to make sure that when the time comes the body can handle sewing upholstery fabrics and leather. If I just wanted to sew clothes and quilts I wouldn’t have minded a basic machine but most of them can’t handle sewing through many thick layers of fabric. So I thought that it would be worth the investment to get the Janome HD1000.

But back to why… Believe it or not it was actually my dad that showed me how to hand sew and before i knew it I was sewing clothes for my barbies and dolls. One christmas my parents got me one of those kid sewing machines and I was so happy. I remember it was white with a red carry case. I loved that thing. But for some reason it jammed or broke like my damn microscope my mom got me one year. And there we were returning it but they had run out of replacements and that was it.

I mention all this as it was my grandmother who encouraged my creative interest. She saw it in me before anyone else did. I didn’t just buy it because of her. I didn’t just buy it so I can sew a few pajama pants, or skirts and perhaps a quilt… I didn’t even just buy it to make grocery bags or to design leather hand bags or to use the scraps of fabric I’ve been saving for years. I bought it because it was the first thing in a long time to truly excite me. Because I’m tired of putting it on the back burner. Worst case scenario is I get to make some botched pajama pants and can re-sell the machine for a pretty penny. The best case scenario, i learn how to wind the bobbin and thread it and actually make something.

I have so much to learn and am so excited, it has been a long time coming.



Viewing the Past

I was taking a look back at one of my first sketchbooks when I decided I would throw all inhibitions aside and commit to completing it. My most recent just has scribbles of love affairs and hopes and dreams, more of a journal than an actual art book. I have accepted that that’s what it wants to be. An inner perspective of all things real and yet want to run a way from. I say all this as I want to start a new one… It may not seem like a big deal but it kinda is to me. They each represent a transformation, a beginning and an end. But looking back has given me hope. Much needed hope as I want to turn my scribbles and pain into my best work. I dug the already reserved book out of storage and dusted it off. It still smells fresh, untouched and still in perfect condition. I hope this time not only my heart pours out onto it; But my soul.


Olisa Rachele

Find Your Power

My power feels leached and drained. I have been giving it away to irrelevant love affairs, my fears and doubts. It’s not that I haven’t accomplished a few things here and there but as usual I don’t give my self credit most of the time and I am not satisfied with where I am artistically. I want more.

I desperately need to reconnect to my inner power. And not just connect with it but nourish it daily. It’s not that I don’t know what to do. Yoga, wake up and “get up” instead of lounging around all day until it’s time for me to go to work, and organizing my life so that I’m not stressing my self out because I’m continuously procrastinating.

I know I have power. Trust me, I have an irrevocable force of it, and so do you. I’m just feeling a bit guilty as I haven’t been putting it to use. I’ve been out of school for two years and though I relaunched the blog it pales in comparison in what I want to actually do with it and with my art. There are no more excuses, no more fears even, that can stop me from admitting that I have been giving it all away to the wrong things.

If you don’t know you have power I encourage you to look deep within and tap into it. And if your like me and you know you have it… I encourage you to find some perspective, actually ask yourself what your power has been feeding. It’s time to harness the power within, to nourish it and put it to use.

Stay BEautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

Finding Peace Through Nature

People are hurting. I feel so much empathy for those experiencing such rude and awful discrimination. My heart breaks. The only hope I can give is to remind all of you that we have a right to achieve our “American” Dream. Do not waste it. Embrace it and be proud of your efforts. Do not run ashamed. Do not fear. You do not stand alone. And I will not stand idly by as bystander. And regardless of your country, continue to fight for your right to dream. I can’t imagine the hate people are experiencing but let that shit be your motivation to rise higher. I can’t let my anger and sadness get the best of me. So today as I was leaving the pharmacy at Kaiser I decided to purchase a bouquet of silver dollar eucalyptus. I say this to suggest a trip to the local park,  some time away from the news is what we need. We need to reconnect to hope, to nature. Tap into it.

To all races, men and woman, LGBT, and religions I stand by you.

Continue to BEautifullyODD

Olisa Rachele

Feel Your Pain

Most of us run from the idea that you should feel your pain but in order to grow its one of the first things you have to do. Whether it’s a loss of a love one, an ending of a relationship, or facing a set back; Embracing your pain is about transforming it into strength. Think of it this way, to deny it and put it off will slowly eat away at you. But to face it and sit with it, to nurture it, to let it overcome you is to release it so that it may become the strength to keep pushing forward. So don’t be afraid to feel your pain.


Olisa Rachele


Hope… When it doesn’t work out.

Isn’t it frustrating when something doesn’t work out. It seems like the very fact that “it” didn’t, is proof that you shouldn’t be doing it. In an instant doubt comes rushing in and you instantly become paralyzed, questioning your very existence, purpose and whether “it’s” all worth it.

I had to be honest as to why “it” may not have worked out. Have I been giving my 100%? No. I have my list of excuses but I can admit they aren’t valid. I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck in limbo but “It” not working out is the kick in the ass I needed.

There is this quote by Joel Osteen that says, “God isn’t moved by our cries, he’s moved by our actions.” I don’t know about you but I know I have been laid up crying about everything rather than taking action and making the necessary improvements in my life.

When “it” doesn’t work out, it’s important to take time to reflect, adjust and most importantly, do. No matter what though, you can’t let  it discourage you. Maybe  reading a book will help guide you on your emotional journey or pursuing a hobby or starting something… but just do it. No more complainng. Take baby steps to pursue your dreams; Because it is undeniably worth it.

Go confidently,




Letting Go of the Past

With all this stuff i carry around, moving from apartment to apartment, all of it is just a reminder of where i’ve been and where I want to go. I look at it… and am instantly transported to the past. All of it now, to be honest, though priceless to me, is mostly garbage. I only mention all this as I feel the need to honestly move forward artistically but first I need to let go of a lot of stale old work and expectations.

I found this chic on instagram who was saying that if you are a crafter, you can relate to the fact that you keep a stash of paper that anyone else would presume as trash, but to us, it’s a treasure cove of opportunities. I instantly laughed and felt reassured in my absurdity.

I have stacks of books like some girls have shoes. And I have plastic tubs full of paper like my grandma had years and I mean over ten years of tv guides. And then there is all my past work, though laced in my efforts of courage, most of it needs to be thrown in the garbage.

Now that im here and am exploring and accepting the past i know there is so much of it that i need to let go of so that I can freely move on. I have chosen to live my life as an artist and getting rid of a few things will not change that. I know i can’t and wont stop. I’m just excited about what may come. But I can only do it One Step at a Time, with no expectations, just graciousness.