Working with Other Designers

I want to belive that in most situations where designers come together to work as a team everyone can be amicable, encouraging and willing to participate in communicating positive criticism; Especially in small group settings where everyone works together intimately.

I say all this as this is my first position working in the design field and it has been a very humbling experience. I for one LOVE IT and am so blessed for the opportunity and two a tad disappointed that working with or more so around other designers is nothing like school. Don’t get me wrong the same drama can occur at school, especially with photography students, but in a work place its mind-blowing when your interactions with co workers can be diluted in an egotistical competition on who knows more, is the better designer, or who’s degree is more prominent.

So I’ve compiled a list of the types of Designers / Photographers / Artist you will meet as you embrace your journey but more importantly how to deal with these types of people so that you aren’t distracted by their possible inadequacies.

Types of Designers:


THESE ARE THE WORST! omg… Perhaps I’m jealous because they know every fucking vocabulary term and how to speak fluent tech jargon. But more often than not I think there cynical attitudes are cloaked in the fact that they really aren’t that talented. Look I’m not trying to be a bitch but it’s the damn truth. These are the people who can take a photo with a histogram that levels out perfectly and can explain to you which camera you should buy but honestly their work is dull and boring. As much as they know the lingo they envy the fact that they have no talent and refuse to admit it because, well, all their settings were spot on.

How to deal with them: Though their judgement can be quite annoying and will cause you to gag as they bitch and moan, they are an encyclopedia of information and are more than willing to help you and share their knowledge as they love being the know-it-all. Be friendly and cordial, nod yes in an understanding way and keep to yourself. But who needs the negative energy, only approach if you need dyer information and are ok with them talking behind your back about how stupid you are as soon as they finish helping you. Never let their negative talk discourage you, IGNORE IT.

The Ego Driven:

These people aren’t so bad. They are the ones that stand behind their degree rather than their work. Honestly I think most of them are talented and if the shoe fits then hey. But on the off-chance that their work is still shitty after paying 100k on an education. Then let them gloat about their degree and which college they attended. Just stay focused on your path. Never let someone who went to a fancy school demean your alternative learning choices; Be it, learning from online courses, through trial and error or just attending community college.

The Determined:

This is where I fall. I’m probably not what you call naturally talented as in I can pick up a pencil and boom. I’m an undu, erasing, starting over ten thousand times, type. It’s like diggin into clay and trying to find the bones while wishing to the Creative Gods that something comes forth. You never give up, you’ll draw hands a hundred and one times if you must. These are also the people who are willing to do whatever it takes to learn their craft. They have passion and believe anything is possible. Befriend this person. They are willing to give and take criticism and will never give up as they are eager to learn. They enjoy working and are more concerned with the art itself rather than the technical and can probably show you better than they can tell you.

The Humble:

Befriend this one too. They are knowledgable and talented. They know their shit but they don’t feel the need to talk about how someone else doesn’t or how they are inferior to someone else. They are willing to break the rules, try new things and give criticism in a respectful way. Be this person. They often become our teachers and mentors.

So yea… I know this is probably laced in judgement but let’s be real you will come across these types. I’m sure I’ve skipped a few, like the Van Gough Ridden or the Extremely Talented, but the point is that you don’t let someone else’s character discourage you.

Hopefully if hired on a team, you meet everyone in the hiring process. I think it’s important that if you are new to the team, everyone has had a chance to see your work and are aware of your abilities. That way there is no misunderstanding. But even then if you are hired on and they are upset because you got hired over their friend or they are just convinced your work sucks, WELL THEN, who gives a fuck. You are there for yourself and your opportunity to grow and embrace your passions.


A Project List for your Bullet Journal

I find making this project list helpful on a monthly basis or when ever I start to feel lost, confused or am suffering from a momentarily lapse of amnesia. It can be helpful to refer to it and remind myself of the many things I am working on and what small steps I need to take to achieve my goal. It can be updated any time by simply creating a new list and be implemented into your weekly layout in your bullet journal.

Depending on how much space you’ll need and how many task you need to do for one particular project, you can choose to create a page for each individual project. Now is also the time to list on a scratch piece of paper how many projects you may actually have and want to work on. Don’t choose too many. You may have ten projects like my self that you want to work on but perhaps your focus needs to only be on 3 to 5 things. Or you only have time for one special project; Perhaps some are easier than others or take priority. I find that most of us know what are goals are but struggle to break them down in simple steps to help us achieve them.027

So for an example lets use blogging as my first project:


A.) In your 1st column list all the task that you WANT OR NEED TO DO for your blog:

  1. Blog content exercise
  2. Finish all 4 blogs for the Month of January
  3. 4 Images
  4. Read Blog Inc.

B.) In the 2nd column list WHEN you need to achieve these things. I find it easier to break down my task by whether they need to be done daily, weekly or by providing an actual deadline date. (you can choose to leave an explanation):

  1. by 1/31
  2. weekly
  3. weekly
  4. daily

C. HOW, In the 3rd column list how you will achieve this.

  1. List 10 possible blog ideas by end of month.
  2. Finish one post a week.
  3. Create one image a week.
  4. Read 15 minutes a day

For some of my other projects maybe I just need to spend an hour a week working on it. I’ve attached pictures that show how I break down my list and then transfer it to my weekly project layout in my bullet journal.029

Remember that you can draw this or type this up; however you choose, the idea is to break down your goals and define how you can achieve them by taking simple, easy steps without stressing about the overall goal.

I really hope this makes sense… Let me know if you find this helpful or have any questions.




Be Courageous

“There is no point fighting against the challenges of life or trying to avoid or deny them. They are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them. Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.” Osho

Frozen in the Face of Fear

So it has been like forever since I sewed something; I think it was around March. OMG. To my defense I had A LOT going on. Things were just spiraling out of control and by the time I resurfaced, the end of the year was on the horizon. I remember the last time quite vividly; I had made a mistake… again. And I had just about had it.

Here I am spending all this money on fabric and batting and I’m over here making silly mistakes, wasting exceptional fabric. It hadn’t mattered how successful I had been. Or that it felt so second nature that I was convinced my ancestors were seamstress or I was at least one in a previous life time.

I left everything in the middle of the floor with intentions in returning but idk… day after day passed. Then there was a death in the family which resulted in a family member crashing on the couch and the mess I had left in the middle of my living room floor needed to be picked up.

I packed it away; Knowing I needed to jump back up on the horse like Tom Cruise hopping back into his fighter jet but feeling and still feeling, frightened. Is it fear? it can only be fear. Fear of wasting money, fear that my ambitions are out of control, fear that I’ll never meet my goal, fear that I’m just a fraud.

So 10 months later, I sat here this past weekend determined to start again. Which duh, doesn’t result in just jumping on to the sewing machine. It takes about 27 steps before that, before you can even sit down, you have to put all the puzzle pieces together.

I had already had the idea of replicating a Kenneth Cole Tote bag I purchased a while ago. I started drawing and checking the measurements, choosing fabric and drawing out a pattern, all while drinking some liquid courage. But the next morning, everything just sat there. I couldn’t move. I was frozen in fear. I watched the tv as intently as possible while I ignored everything in the middle of the floor; only getting up for food and trips to the restroom.

“Before deciding to take flight or fight, most mammals freeze for a few milliseconds to assess the situation before making a next move.” (psychologytoday)

Eager to understand why I felt so paralyzed I came across the above quote and was astonished by the simplistic understanding as to why we freeze when we are afraid. Granted I sat there for more than a few milliseconds and perhaps I could have just walked over there and started anywhere, as long as I started. But perhaps freezing isn’t so bad. It’s ok to assess the situation before moving on. And it was exactly what I needed to do; I needed to develop my sketches and patterns before I rushed off to my machine.

Sewing is this extremely complex task where each step is integral and paramount to the overall finished product.

Anyway… I haven’t given up, you’re suppose to do the things you fear most. Plus, I learned that if I’m frozen in fear, it’s probably because I feel the need to assess the situation before moving on.

“The art of the game is embracing the fear tucking the doubt under your arm running and willing your way to personal freedom.” -Natasha Munson

Fuck fear, Let your ambitions run rampant,




Developing Rituals

Hey Creatives,

Today I bring to you some tips for developing your very own morning ritual. Now look, I too struggle immensely with this whole getting up thing at the crack of dawn and being a productive member of society… ready to accomplish my every goal. But by taking baby steps, implementing one tip at a time if need be, I know I can get a handle on my mornings and you can too.

So let’s get to it…

  1. MUSIC!! There is nothing like waking up to your favorite songs. I would suggest waking up to songs that motivate you, or inflict you to start twerking or twitching in your bed as the beat gets your heart pumping and ignites your inner beastmode. I downloaded Umi which is an alarm clock that connects a playlist from your spotify account and it has truly been helpful these last couple of days.
  2. LIGHT: If you can jump right of bed, I envy you. In the summer when you see the sun coming through your window it’s a bit easier but in these winter months it can be even more daunting to get up. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the cold, dark night. If you have one of those artificial light alarm clocks, you fancy, and more power to you. But my trick is to crank up the brightness on my phone and let it burn my retinas. lol. Like I put that sucker right up to my eyes, wide open, probably isn’t even good for you. Eveuntually I’ll reach for the lamp. All jokes aside don’t underestimate the power of natural light in the morning.
  3. . MANTRA: Those silly, pesky mantras are powerful like mustard seeds. Find a simple phrase you can repeat to yourself at least until its time for the next step. This is hard for me… I blame it on short-term memory. But I do know the power of it and I think the bottom line is that you immediately start talking positively to yourself in the morning. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to resist and justify. Remember all of the reasons why you need to show up, not only for your dreams and family but for yourself.
    • Rituals arm you with confidence and self-reliance.
    • Be the best you can be for the day.
    • Start your day with purpose, intention and joy.
    • Show up: I like this one… your mantra need not be some complex, long drawn out mission statement but a single word, as long as it reminds you what you’re fighting for.
  4. Review todays goals: I keep my bullet journal by my bed so that in the morning I can open it up and remind myself why I want to jump out of bed. Looking at my goals helps me remember what I’m working towards and helps set my mood and excitement for the day.
  5. EXERCISE: There is no way around it. You have to do it. If you plan to still tie your shoes when your 80 and not climb stairs panting than guess what. I prefer a morning work out, the endorphins help set the mood for the day. But it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just get your body moving. Perhaps you want to do cardio or you’d rather just do a 15 minute pilates video or a short yoga session. Just make an effort to move your body even if it’s just you stretching in bed.
  6. NIGHTLY INTENTION: I love this one because it helps you set your mind frame before you even get up in the morning. Make a list or update your planner so that in the morning when you look at it there is no confusion about why you need to get up and seize the day.


I think the whole point is that we realize we have another day, an opportunity to get closer to our dreams. So wake up to the music, dance off any stress from a dream or any negative feelings and take the time to remember what your fighting for.


Olisa Rachele


5 Steps to Creating a Simple Bullet Journal for the New Year

Hey Fellow Creative’s,

Today I bring to you some notes and suggestions for creating your very own bullet journal. I too am new to this, but rest assured, with a little planning and patience you too, can design a very simple and manageable planner for your daily life and projects.

Let’s get right to it…

  1. Choosing a Notebook:

This is probably the most daunting part if you have an issue (or pet peeve like I do) with ink bleeding or ghosting. Upon my research the Letchum is probably the most efficient if you’re ok with spending 20 bucks. To my surprise, Moleskin had the worst reviews due to bleeding and ghosting. But in my opinion… if you’re spending 20 bucks on a journal it needs to have high quality paper. But since I’m pretty “thrifty” I picked up an Artist Loft dotted journal from Michales for 5 bucks. Now it too bleeds and ghosts depending on the types of pens you use BUT I read in a review that this chick used a glue stick to glue her pages together. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d rather glue $5 pages together, than 20 dollar ones. Plus, there are more pages in the Artist loft journal and I love the dimensions.

But of course whatever journal you choose, as long as it has some sort of grid will do just fine.

(Update: the bleeding in the artist loft journal hasn’t been so bad that I felt the need to glue my pages together. I’ll touch more on this under which pens to use.)


  1. Graph Paper:

After jumping right into my artist loft journal of course I was disappointed to see how the pens I was using left major ghost lines. So my OCD led me to purchase another one and keep the one I messed up in as a draft journal. But instead of buying two journals, especially if you chose an expensive one, find some graph paper to practice layouts, test inking, and organize your ideas.

  1. Layout:

005Now is the time to brainstorm any of the elements that you will need in your bullet journal. Take a scratch piece of paper and jot down any elements that you’ll need from a yearly, monthly, weekly and or daily spread that will help you achieve the task and goals that are significant to you. Would you prefer a weekly habit tracker or a monthly habit tracker? Do you feel the need to have a monthly view with space to take notes or something simple with just the numbers and days of the week? This is your personal planner and you can design it anyway you wish. No one has to see it, it doesn’t need to be perfect, just let it be you.

This is also a great time to use the suggested graph paper to determine how much space you will need to draw out your layouts. Of course you can do this with pencil, very lightly in your book, but it helps to also test which size ink pens you may want to use for specific design elements.004


Don’t let this part of the process intimidate you; there are tons of examples on pintrest to choose from. Just choose which elements appeal to you the most and try drafting them out on your graph paper. The goal isn’t to have some elaborate, fancy planner but to create a simple layout for you thoughts, goals and plans. So do not stress about the artistic elements. Considering this is my first bullet journal, I focused more on simplicity.

  1. Test inks:

As I noted above, I jumped right in when I got the bright idea to try bullet journaling. Little did I know, I was going to mess up my book. So I suggest testing inks in the very back of your book.003

So far Micron’s have not been bleeding or (very minimal) ghosting, and are water proof. (I tend to get sweaty palms which means smudges so water proof pens are a msut.) I suggest a 08 for borders and finer pens like 01 and 02 for writing within dots or grids. I also use regular ball point pens and gel G-2 07 Pilot pens to avoid further bleeding or ghosting.002

  1. And most importantly have fun and a bit of patience.

The more impatient I become or try to rush through the process the more mistakes I make. I draw everything out in pencil and check it twice before I start to ink. Of course mistakes are unavoidable but that’s why it is so important to spend the time developing your layout so that when it’s complete it becomes an effective tool for organizing your goals, projects and daily life.001

So far my bullet journal includes a yearly overview with a notes section and a page for my personal goals and “art” goals. I’ve also included a 6 month future log followed by a monthly layout that has enough space for notes. Next there is a weekly two page layout that breaks down my goals for the week, projects that I need to work on and a tracker for habits I need to work on.

Here are a few more links to some video’s I found extremely helpful:


A Glimpse Inside My Art Journal

I have been MIA like a dude who makes ghosting a science. Better yet, like when I ghost fake friends, f boys and the like (DELETE).

BUT… I can happily report that I return with a major accomplishment in my career and that because of this and a few other things, I have been on a quasi-spiritual, transformative and humbling journey.


My last post was about “still being unstoppable” and how I went on an interview and tanked it but in spite of my “failure” I had felt extremely confident. From there, long story short, I started UBERing to earn additional income to supplement the major rental increase affecting Sacramento. So instead of coming up with blog ideas, drawing, or doing anything related to art, even coloring a coloring book; I was grinding in these streets trying to make a few bucks while working full time.

Luckily, at the time, my full time job had endowed me with a great opportunity to put my creative skills to use by creating a massive power point presentation. I know, Lame. BUT IT WASN’T. Who remembers making power point presentations in Jr. High? I do! I created a 125 slide presentation encompassing the Veterinary Hospital Inspection Program and it was a rewarding experience. I never had the opportunity to do anything remotely creative for work but to make lame holiday and potluck flyers with the use of paint and word. So with my design skills and enthusiasm in tow, I tailored a simple, clean, well designed presentation for them that can be used for years to come. (still nerding out about this)

While doing that I got another call for an interview and this time I didn’t have to change in the car but more importantly, my portfolio saved my life! So within a span of four months, I took a transfer, started UBERing and promoted while my parents came to visit for two weeks.

002-blog-sizeSo yea… A lot has happened and I couldn’t be more grateful for where I’m at. The fact that I have finally broken into my career field is the greatest thing I could have accomplished this year. And with that said… can you believe that we only have three more months before the end of the year. My goodness! That means three months to accomplish a few more goals. During my time away I’ve been researching how to implement a schedule, how to stick to one, and how to accomplish your goals. So in the next blog post I will be sharing some tools I’ve learned and programs I’ve tried to help become a bit more self-disciplined.

BEautifullyODD is still and will always be my baby and during this time away I have had to honestly re-evaluate, not only what it means to me, but how to find the courage, strength, and discipline to make my art a priority. The one thing I’ve been doing is art journaling; I’ve been trying to draw or doodle for 15 minutes a day. Granted I’ve been writing more than sketching or drawing. But you can’t be afraid of a blank piece of paper. You just have to jump in and f it up. Scribble all over it, pour ink all over it, burn it and spill coffee in it, hide flowers in its pages and keep scribbling motivational quotes in its seams… inspiring you to keep going.


But I want to leave off saying that no matter how crazy, difficult and challenging life gets, take comfort in the fact that no one has the power to kill your dreams. So just keep going.



still unstoppable

When somebody thinks they can break you…. lol.

Today was amazing. I pretty much went on an interview that I won’t deny, I tanked. But honestly… the best part was changing clothes in the car like a g. For real. It reminded me of the days, running back and forth to college and work when I first graduated from hs. Hustling to chase my dreams.

When you are determined enough to change in the car, come out slaying and feeling extremely confident… it’s perfect. To be real, they advertised for a graphic designer but really wanted someone who had tons of experience with printing, which I don’t have. But hey, it was fun.

And as much as I need to learn the printing side of things, I’m focusing on…


But even then. The reminder that I’m still grinding, slaying, never giving up, despite a few pebbles in my shoe; well hey… still unstoppable.