My First Sewing Machine!!!

I am so excited to announce that I have finally purchased my first sewing machine. Though I am not new to sewing, I have very limited experience with using a machine.  Four years ago I signed up for a beginner sewing class but had to drop it as I found a new job and the hours conflicted. But in that class, I barely learned how to thread a machine or wind a bobbin. I only got as far as sewing a few basic stitches, so trust me when I say, I am definitely out of my depth.

So why did I buy a sewing machine? And not just a simple $100 machine. First off I wanted to make sure that when the time comes the body can handle sewing upholstery fabrics and leather. If I just wanted to sew clothes and quilts I wouldn’t have minded a basic machine but most of them can’t handle sewing through many thick layers of fabric. So I thought that it would be worth the investment to get the Janome HD1000.

But back to why… Believe it or not it was actually my dad that showed me how to hand sew and before i knew it I was sewing clothes for my barbies and dolls. One christmas my parents got me one of those kid sewing machines and I was so happy. I remember it was white with a red carry case. I loved that thing. But for some reason it jammed or broke like my damn microscope my mom got me one year. And there we were returning it but they had run out of replacements and that was it.

I mention all this as it was my grandmother who encouraged my creative interest. She saw it in me before anyone else did. I didn’t just buy it because of her. I didn’t just buy it so I can sew a few pajama pants, or skirts and perhaps a quilt… I didn’t even just buy it to make grocery bags or to design leather hand bags or to use the scraps of fabric I’ve been saving for years. I bought it because it was the first thing in a long time to truly excite me. Because I’m tired of putting it on the back burner. Worst case scenario is I get to make some botched pajama pants and can re-sell the machine for a pretty penny. The best case scenario, i learn how to wind the bobbin and thread it and actually make something.

I have so much to learn and am so excited, it has been a long time coming.



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